Nick Wright (Drums)

Greetings People! I grew up in a little town called Oakesdale Washington. I have been playing music for about the last 12 years. My pops taught me a chord at a time on the guitar when I was 8 years old. He would make me master one before he would teach me another. When I was 9 years old some old biker my pops hung around with went to jail and ditched his drum set in our garage. I remember jamming out to The Offspring album Smash in my headphones for hours on that thing until someone got annoyed enough to cut me off.  Anyway, it didn’t stop there, I continued to play drums through high school with our jazz band. And in college marching band for a spell as well. Since finishing college I have played with several bands and still love every second and beat (whether it’s a train beat or not). Since my early childhood my pops and I have shared a passion for classic country music and I am honored to be playing with the awesome Shiloh Ill.  Come check out some awesome Country Music.

 Copyright © Shiloh Sharrard

Daniel Tate (Lead Guitar) 

Daniel Tate has always been fascinated with the guitar. From a very young age he could be found pretending that a tennis racquet was the fantastic instrument. At the age of eight years old he received his first real guitar. With that guitar, he began the slow process of learning to play. When he was first learning, he loved to try to play songs by Johnny Cash, who was his favorite musician at the time. Since then, Daniel has learned to play many styles of music including country, rock, blues and metal. Daniel is currently playing in three different bands. Alongside the busy schedule playing in Shiloh and the Young Guns Daniel also plays lead guitar in L.A. and the Earthquakes as well as the Colfax based rock band ToneSober. Daniel is heavily influenced by players like Brad Paisley, Vince Gil, John Mayer and many others.

Kaitlin Geier (Back up singer)

Kaitlin Geier comes from the small town of Colfax, Washington and is 19 years old. Kaitlin's music career started in elementary school with choir then turned to band in 6th grade. Kaitlin played the saxophone and clarinet in concert band, and piano in the high school jazz band as a 7th grader all throughout high school. Kaitlin plays piano and sings in her church's worship team on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.
Kaitlin's love of music started as a young girl dancing with her dad in the living room, which turned, into pursuing different types of dance as soon as she started walking.
Kaitlin competed in her high school’s Distinguished Young Woman Program in 2015 (formerly Jr. Miss) and took home several scholarships, one of which was poise and appearance! She loves being around people and positively expressing herself.
Kaitlin is a sophomore at Lewis-Clark State College pursuing a bachelors in Business Administration . She is balancing church music activities, a part time job, pursing a college degree, being with my family, and playing with Shiloh and being a Young Gun!